Occasionally, we get someone brave enough to open a Github issue asking whether GEDCOM X is still alive. Maybe you were wondering the same thing. I certainly can’t blame you, particularly if this blog is your only way of getting updates. (Was the last post really all the way back in August? Wow. Time flies.)

Anyway, the project has been quite active. You can tell by looking at the closed issues and at the commit history. It has actually been quite a wild ride since last August. In fact, I’d say that most folks would have a hard time recognizing the project if August was the last time they visited.

Here’s the thing: we’re not writers. We’re just a bunch of software developers, and we’re really busy. Hence the neglect of this blog.

I’m hoping that’s going to change. We’re about to cut the first milestone release of the GEDCOM X specification set (more on that soon) and I think that’s going to allow us to spend some more time on things like blog posts. Of course, we’ve also got to accommodate our assignments in the development of the FamilySearch Development Platform, but the plan is to take you through some of the highlights of the project over the upcoming weeks and months. We’ll see how that goes.

I think we’ve got some pretty cool stuff to show you.