GEDCOM X Extensions

GEDCOM X is designed from ground up to be extensible in order for the community to use the data in a wide variety of applications. Here are some of the known GEDCOM X extensions:

  • Web Services Extension

    The GEDCOM X Web services extension (i.e. “GEDCOM X RS”) defines a Web service API for genealogical data. This API is defined as a set of RESTful Web resources, the links between those resources, the HTTP operations that are applicable to those resources, and the inputs and outputs that can be expected from invoking those operations.

  • Record Extension

    The GEDCOM X Record extension defines a set of data types and their associated serialization formats for the purposes of exchanging the results of large-scale, field-based extraction of record data from digital images.

  • Citation Extension

    The GEDCOM X Citation extension defines support for citation fields, citation templates, and their associated enumerated values.