This document provides the semantic definition for the GEDCOM X Subject data type for use in structured data (e.g. RDFa, Microdata, JSON-LD, etc.). This data type is specified by the GEDCOM X Conceptual Model.

This data type extends the data type.


The Subject data type defines the abstract concept of a genealogical subject. A subject is something with a unique and intrinsic identity, e.g., a person, a location on the surface of the earth. We identify that subject in time and space using various supporting conclusions, e.g. for a person: things like name, birth date, age, address, etc. We aggregate these supporting conclusions to form an apparently-unique identity by which we can distinguish our subject from all other possible subjects.


property expected type description
Properties from Subject
evidence EvidenceReference References to the evidence being referenced for this subject.
media SourceReference References to multimedia resources associated with this subject.
identifier Identifier The list of identifiers for the subject.
Properties from Conclusion
confidence ConfidenceLevel The level of confidence the contributor has about the data.
attribution Attribution Attribution metadata for a conclusion.
source SourceReference The source references for a conclusion.
note Note Notes about a person.